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with Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee

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Groundwork with pastors Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee can be heard on Faith Radio Sundays at 12:00 am CT.

Listen online or find a signal in your area!

– About Groundwork –

Groundwork is a half-hour weekly audio program that digs deeply into scripture as a foundation for our lives. Each week, pastors Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee cultivate our understanding of God’s Word by unpacking the richness of the Bible and applying it with insight for today’s world.

Their casual conversation invites us to hear more of what God is doing in our lives. And on their website, you can join the conversation and comment on past or future episodes.

– About the Hosts –

Combining over 130 years of Christian broadcasting, Groundwork is a joint project from Words of Hope, ReFrame Media, and the English ministry of Back to God Ministries International.

Dave Bast is the President and Broadcast Minister of Words of Hope and has been with the organization since 1994.

Scott Hoezee has been the Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin Seminary since 2005.

Together Dave and Scott share over 50 years of pastoral ministry. Groundwork brings all this experience to you so that your foundation in scripture cultivated each week.

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