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The Classifieds airs Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 9:30 AM. Call us at 276-226-1051.

Welcome to the Classifieds. No pit bulls, no pistols, no dangerous animals, and nothing illegal. If you offer a service or have a business we are glad to advertise them for you, for a small fee. We’ll read it for a dollar a day and post it with a TV graphic for $15 dollars a week. The Classifieds airs live Monday-Saturday from 9:00-9:30 am. Join us on Facebook. If you want us to read it for you, fix it up like you want it to be read, include a dollar for each day you want it on the show, and we’ll do the rest. A full classified including a TV graphic is $15 per week. The easiest way to purchase your reader or TV classified is to click here and purchase with a major credit or debit card. Include the information for your ad in the contact form. If you prefer, put it in our locked dropdrop box at 40 Franklin Street in Uptown Martinsville across from the old courthouse, or mail us at P.O. Box 964, Martinsville, VA 24114. We will also be glad to process your credit card over the phone. Just call us at 276-403-0364.

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