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SPCA Announces Louise R. Lester Spay & Neuter Clinic

The SPCA of Martinsville and Henry County has announced the award of a $50,000 grant from the Louise R. Lester Foundation for a named spay and neuter clinic at the SPCA, 132 Joseph Martin Highway, Martinsville, Virginia.

“Louise Robertson Lester was a driving force in the evolution of humane services in our area. Her compassion and generosity enabled the SPCA of Martinsville and Henry County to become a sheltered organization. Louise also started our spay and neuter fund, so the Louise R. Lester Spay & Neuter Clinic is an appropriate and impactful tribute to her legacy in our community,” said Leslie Hervey, SPCA 1st Vice President. “The lack of access to timely spay and neuter appointments worsened during
Covid, slowing down our adoption rate and our ability to get animals into homes. This clinic is truly an answer to our prayers for this community,” said Hervey. “There is a lot of excitement in the air about this project, and once again we are beholden to Louise for another milestone achievement and to the foundation board for their generous investment in our community.”

Minor changes to the building will be made to accommodate a surgical suite, and the SPCA is in the process of ordering the required equipment. The SPCA is actively looking for a full-time shelter veterinarian.

“One of Louise’s great passions was animals. She would be pleased to see her vision at work through this investment, and I am pleased that the Louise R. Lester Foundation could honor her legacy through this grant,” said BJ Robertson, executive director of the Louise R. Lester Foundation.