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PHCC Students Expected to Receive Checks & Many to Get Tuition Covered

MARTINSVILLE, VA – There may never have been a better –and more lucrative—time to go to college. This year, several streams of new (and previously established) federal, state, and local funds are adding up to make college not only affordable but also profitable.

During a recent meeting with all PHCC employees, President Godwin stated: “If there has ever been a season of favor for community college students, it is now. I don’t know that it will ever be easier and more possible for people to begin their community college education than now.”

With the combined funding –new and old— PHCC expects that almost anyone who wants to go to college will likely be eligible for funding that can completely cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and fees. On top of that, many students will be eligible to receive stipends –that is, a one-time check mailed directly to the student. For many students, not only will their degree from PHCC be free, but the stipends will help cover the cost of childcare and housing.

Some of these funding sources have already launched. For instance, this spring, most of PHCC’s current students were eligible to receive a one-time check of approximately $800. This was just the beginning. Officials have calculated that if a student is eligible for all the extra incentives that are available, they could be receiving approximately $2,000 this year.